Highways England award charging network contracts


Highways England has awarded contracts worth a total £2.8 million, for the installation of more than 50 electric vehicle charging points across the country within the next nine months. BP Chargemaster and Swarco will share the work.

The contracts awarded are for the initial installation and commissioning of facilities followed by ongoing operation and maintenance for seven years. The initiative is part of the UK government program with Highways England to ensure 95% of its major roads are within 20 miles of a charging point.

In detail, BP Chargemaster will carry out work in the north of the country and Swarco UK Ltd in the south. David Martell, Chief Executive of BP Chargemaster, said that access to convenient, fast and reliable charging points across the UK would help enable the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Highways England’s Mark Collins, Environmental Designated Fund (Carbon) Portfolio Manager and Project Lead, said: “To help improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions we’re introducing more electric charging points, at locations near to the network, for example at nearby town centres. This shows that we are looking ahead to meet the future demand for this facility.”

The work being carried out under this contract is in addition to electric charging points being installed as part of Highways England’s collaboration with local authorities during this road investment period (2015 to 2021).

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Paul Woolley
09.03.2019 um 15:14
That's great news but 50 is rather low considering how many counties there are that's roughly one let county. The likes of need a few along the A27 A23 & A29.
Chris Helps
09.03.2019 um 21:11
Are these chargers going to be PAYG with a per kWh price and no connection or membership required.
Wandering Dutchman
11.03.2019 um 10:45
50 chargers across the whole of England looks like a token gesture.

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