Mar 9, 2019 - 10:47 am

Trigger-happy Tesla drivers annoy Norwegian fire departments


Nothing is more appealing than a button. New Model 3 in Norway are newly equipped with the “e-Call” button and is supposed to be used to alert emergency services to road accidents. Apparently, Norwegian test drivers trying out the new Model 3 couldn’t resist trying it out, which caused Norwegian emergency services to issue a public statement.

To be fair to Tesla drivers trying out the new Model 3, it is perhaps unfortunate that the e-Call button is located right next to the hazard lights. On Twitter Oslo 110-central tweeted: “Today, many tried SOS button on its new Tesla Model 3. Pressing this button activates an e-Call alarm that goes directly to the 110 exchange. E-Call / SOS alarm is handled as an emergency call. PRESS ONLY SOS button in your car if you are in EMERGENCY.”

Stig Henning Buaas, guard commander at the fire and rescue agency in Oslo told drivers that they were obliged to follow up every call made through the e-Call button and that they didn’t have to capacity to deploy every time someone wanted to test it out. He says that they will endeavour to inform consumers about the feature and would follow-up with Tesla so that they more thoroughly inform their customers about it. He acknowledged that it is to be expected that there are teething problems since the feature is new.

The e-Call function is a new emergency call system for notification of road accidents. This will be installed in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles that are type approved after March 31, 2018. In Norway, all e-Call calls will be forwarded directly to the fire department’s 110 centres, which will then consider further action and any notification of the other emergency services. According to the Ministry of Justice is expected that e-Call will result in a reduction in the number of road deaths by 10.2 per cent. (in Norwegian)


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