PL: Innogy to launch e-car-sharing with 500 BMW i3

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The Polish branch of charging network provider Innogy will launch an electric car-sharing in Warsaw deploying 500 BMW i3 vehicles this April. The sheer size of the fleet sets the offer among the largest e-car clubs in Europe, and Innogy plans to increase infrastructure alongside.

Innogy Polska is not thinking small when in a few weeks time people in Warsaw are to be able to use 500 BMW i3 electric vehicles. The company says it knows what it is doing, given that Innogy has been “successfully testing eCarSharing with employees and customers,” as Filip Thon, CEO Innogy Polska explains.

When it comes to charging the fleet, the provider operates 30 charging points in Warsaw so far and says and “30 supercharging points dedicated to Innogy eCarSharing service” will be added at the beginning of April. Clearly, this is not enough to charge 500 electric vehicles, and so we expect that the introduction will happen gradually rather than at once.

However, Innogy Polska together with an international bank and in close collaboration with Warsaw City Council and other partners is planning to build “several hundred additional public charging points over the next two years,” according to the statement.

Eight employees of Innogy Polska are exclusively responsible for running the e-car-sharing. Numerous services, such as fleet management (provision, relocation, cleaning, etc.) and helpdesk, are rendered by external partners.

There are several carsharing offers available across Warsaw, but Innogy plans to take the market for electric vehicle rental. The offering will be open to businesses, citizens, and tourists alike. Details on pricing and services have not been disclosed.

The subsidiary of the German energy company RWE has not tried its hand in car clubs to date. However, the recent cooperation agreement with DKV, a mobility provider and fleet management company may have helped with this step. So far they have been working together on the Charge4Europe project for roaming of which Poland is a part of as well.


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