Bamberg launches 15 electric kick scooters for testing

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Bamberg’s plan to be the first city in Germany to put electric kick scooters on the road, announced at the end of November, is becoming concrete: On the basis of a special permit, test operation for 15 Bird electric kick scooters has now been started.

With the test, Stadtwerke Bamberg aims to gather data and determine whether a combined offer of public transport and electric kick scooters will encourage citizens to do without driving their own car. The test takes place even before the official approval of the electric kick scooters for nationwide road traffic.

In March and April, the Bamberg test drivers will try out Bird‘s electric scooters on bike paths and cycle lanes. If they are not available, they can ride on lanes or in traffic-calmed areas. The vehicles are limited to a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

Interested test customers can only apply online at Stadtwerke Bamberg. In addition, the company will offer Bird test campaigns at various locations in the city area in the coming weeks. The next possibility for the free test is at the fair “Franconia Active and Vital” from 15. to 17. March in the Bamberger Brose arena.

If this field test is successful, the project is to change into the pilot phase. As the small electric vehicle regulations will likely allow the use of such small vehicles throughout Germany in the summer, 100 vehicles will be able to be borrowed in Bamberg via the free Bird app. (in German)


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