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Siticars presents electric mini car for London’s ULEZ

The London startup Siticars has introduced a small electric car for journeys in London’s new Ultra Low Emission Zone. The BEV is called Me, and also comes as a pickup and panel van. Performance is strictly down to use case with a top speed of around 80 km/h and a range of about 150 km.

The London-based manufacturer Sitocars is launching the two-seater Mini BEV in three power and battery variants: the Me with lead-acid battery (ups) will be available as a variant with a 3.5 kW engine and up to 45 km/h for 8,000 pounds (around 9,250 euros) and as a variant with a 7.5 kW engine and up to 78 km/h for 10,000 pounds (about 11,550 euros). There will also be a Me with a 10 kWh lithium battery with analogue performance data (7.5 kW, 78 km/h) for 12,500 pounds (around 14,450 euros). Orders will start in May – initially only in Great Britain.

By the way, the range of around 150 km applies to the lithium version, while the other two model types have a smaller operating range. In terms of dimensions, the Me (for Micro Electric) has a compact format of 2.2 x 1.3 m and is expected to occupy only half the parking space of conventional passenger cars. Siticars, on the other hand, recommends not driving the battery electric vehicle on the motorway due to its moderate top speed. The charging process for the 10 kWh lithium battery version should take around four to six hours at a household socket.

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The report notes that the Me has a lower price than the similarly small Renault Twizy, which, however, uses a 1+1 seat arrangement. Yet, the battery has to be leased separately for the French company and is already included in the price for the Me.

According to Siticars, they currently produce around 50 vehicles per month but claim they can increase the quantity twentyfold.

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  1. Patrick Miles

    i Really like these. Can they be imported to the US?

  2. Stephanie Perez

    Where can find this type of cars in Houston

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