Swiss police adds 13 Hyundai Kona to fleet


The cantonal police of St. Gallen is relying on the all-electric Hyundai Kona. Five of the BEVs are to be added to the fleet as patrol cars, and eight will serve as civilian cars. Over the next one and a half years, another 15 electric cars will follow.

According to the cantonal police, the decisive purchase criteria were performance, minimum range and purchase price. The authority’s garage will work closely with Hyundai representatives in the future to ensure the maintenance of the vehicles.

Electric vehicles are increasingly represented with police authorities in Switzerland: Since last September, for example, a VW e-Golf has been in operation at the Chur city police station. Previously, the Basel cantonal police had procured seven Tesla Model X in March 2018. However, this measure was later reprimanded, because the tender was apparently specifically tailored to Tesla’s model so that no other manufacturer was considered., (Both in German)


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