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UK: SAIC’s British unit LDV to launch EV30 electric van


SAIC of China via its British subsidiary LDV presented the EV30 at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham. The brand’s second electric van has an output of 85 kW and is available with short and long wheelbases as well as two battery variants.

The new electric transporter model follows SAIC’s first model, the EV80. The smaller EV30 comes with a choice of battery packs with 35 or 53 kWh capacity that should provide ranges of up to 280 km (173 miles) or up to 400 km (248 miles) respectively.

The manufacturer says that the EV30 will be capable of fast charging. Accordingly, the battery should be able to be charged to 80 per cent in 45 minutes using DC charging. The batteries will be supplied by CATL.

The EV30 shown at the British trade fair is a model for the Chinese market. The model for Europe will differ on several points, including a twin seat option, the larger 85 kW engine and a double tailgate.

The EV30 is offered with two different wheelbases. The version with a 2.91 m wheelbase has a carrying capacity of 5 cubic metres and a payload of 855 kg. The second option with a 3.29 m wheelbase offers 6.3 cubic metres of carrying capacity and a payload of 1,000 kg. The maximum speed for both versions is stated to be just under 130 km/h. The maximum speed for both versions is 130 km/h.

The model is built in China and the manufacturer has chosen Great Britain as its first export market. The EV30 is to be offered there from the beginning of 2020 at prices starting at around 22,000 pounds (a good 25,500 euros). Harris Automotive Distributors will be responsible for UK sales. “Following today’s EV30 reveal, it’s safe to say that LDV has demonstrated just how accessible commercial EV vehicles are for business owners,” said Mark Barrett. He believes that the different ranges will prove a good selling point.,,

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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