Evum improves the aCar and prepares for 2020 launch


Evum Motors, the spin-off of the TU Munich for the commercialization of the all-electric commercial vehicle aCar, is back with some news. In Bayerbach, Bavaria, the site is currently being prepared for series production and a workshop with a showroom is being set up in Munich.

At this year’s IAA in September, Evum will present a further developed version of the vehicle, which already largely corresponds to the series aCar. “The audience will get to know an electric vehicle of the N1 class with a payload of up to one ton and a design ready for series production,” says founder and managing director Sascha Koberstaedt. Originally designed for use in Africa, the company is now talking about a multitude of possible uses for the aCar: from the organic farmer’s transport assistant to the forestry truck, from climbing on steep vineyards to city cleaning.

Following the IAA, Evum is planning a further round of investment in order to start production in spring 2020 and to be able to pursue further production and internationalisation plans in the near future. There is still talk of a production target of 1,000 vehicles in the first year.

Meanwhile, the startup has, according to its own statements, undergone strong structural and personnel development: since moving into the headquarters in Munich a year ago, the workforce has grown to more than 40 employees. It was only four years ago that the first prototype of the 2016 model was built – under the premise of building an electric car for Africa that is tailored to the needs of the population, strengthens the rural structure and boosts the economy. Following tests in Ghana, the initiators presented a first revised version of the aCar at the IAA 2017.

Even before the founding of Evum Motors, the project participants were not focusing on one market, but on many target markets. The aim was to bring the aCar into use worldwide, from Africa to Brazil to Indonesia, but also, as described above, in Europe, for example. And: In Europe the aCar should cost 22,000 euros, in developing countries only about 10,000 euros.

As far as the performance data of the 2017 concept is concerned, it is clear that it is neither focused on strong acceleration nor exceptional range, but rather about a high payload, simple maintenance and functionality in difficult terrain. The all-wheel-drive van has a battery capacity of 20 kWh for an electrical range of over 80 kilometers. The battery can be recharged within seven hours at an earthed socket.



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