May 14, 2019 - 03:05 pm

Citroën reveals study inspired by aviation


Citroën has presented a new electric car concept: While the Ami One Concept shown at the Geneva Motor Show was designed for urban electric mobility, the 19_19 Concept, designed for autonomous driving, is now fully electric for long distances.

Citroën describes the study, which will be shown for the first time this week at VivaTech in Paris, as the “UFO of the automotive sector” or “living room on wheels”. Which makes it clear that the 19_19 Concept is visually out of the ordinary. But first to the performance data: According to the manufacturer, the study has a 100 kWh battery that guarantees a WLTP range of 800 km. Two electric motors – one at the front and one at the rear – also provide an output of 340 kW and a torque of 800 Nm. The autonomous driving technology is to be developed to such an extent that drivers can completely dispense with the control of the model. In addition, the model should be able to charge inductively both when stationary and while driving.

  • citroen-19-19-concept-2019-01
  • citroen-19-19-concept-2019-05
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According to Citroën, the design of the 19_19 Concept with its extraordinary proportions lies outside the traditional car look. In addition to a transparent capsule that surrounds the model’s interior cabin, the eye-catching features include very large and narrow wheels. Chief designer Pierre Leclercq remarked on his team’s work: “With the 19_19 Concept, we tried to rewrite the automotive regulations with an expressive vehicle. It is characterized by a strong and powerful design inspired by the world of aviation. As an aerodynamic and technological comfort bubble hovering above the road, the 19_19 Concept features details such as novel light signatures, special aerodynamic elements and Goodyear-developed wheels.”,,


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