Easelink demonstrates fully automatic charging


At Mission Innovation Austria Week 2019, the Austrian start-up Easelink demonstrated a fully automatic charging process in which payment is started via an app and settled via a blockchain application.

Easelink presented its new conductive solution Matrix Charging for automated charging of electric cars for the first time at the IAA 2017. The current combination of this technology with payment via so-called Smart Contracts represents an extension of the concept towards a fully automated charging process. The blockchain expert lab10 collective and the innovation laboratory act4.energy will support Easelink in its further development.

Easelink speaks of “seamless mobility” in its approach. In order for this to become reality, several innovative technologies are working together in the background, according to an accompanying press release. On the one hand, there is the Matrix charging system, which consists of a connector integrated into the vehicle underbody and a charging pad on the car park floor. The solution ensures conductive charging during parking without the driver’s intervention.

On the other hand, there are the so-called Smart Contracts, i.e. digital, automated contracts based on a public blockchain solution from the lab10 collective. “They ensure convenient, immediate and secure payment processing and enable a digital dollar- or euro-bound peer-to-peer money transfer without a central payment service provider,” writes Easelink.


“The combination of matrix charging with an automated payment system is an important step in the realisation of our vision”, emphasises Hermann Stockinger, Managing Director and founder of Easelink. “We want to enable charging during every parking process, completely unnoticed by the vehicle user. This will open up completely new approaches in the field of urban electric mobility and smart cities”.

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