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Easelink shows automatic wireless charging on BMW i3

Matrix Charging solution is only one step away from contactless charging


Austrian start-up Easelink presented their automated charging solution for EVs last year. Their so-called Matrix Charging is now ready for application and the company uses a BMW i3 to prove the efficacy of their pad-based conductive charging station that works without cables.

The young company is aiming for an expert audience as they chose the mobility show eMove360° that started in Munich today to showcase their charging technology for electric cars. On display is a BMW i3 and Easelink’s very own Matrix Charging technology.

First introduced at the IAA in 2017 reportedly, the solution consists of a charge pad fixed to the ground. A connector, not dissimilar to a snout, attached to the bottom of any electric car than automatically makes contact with the pad in order for the wireless charging process to start automatically.

Easelink says the conductive fast-charging happens at 43 kW (DC) and 22 kW (AC) and with 99 percent transfer efficiency. Still, the connection allows for a degree of inaccuracy when parking thanks to a honeycomb-like structure of the charging connection.

In an email to electrive, Easelink CEO Hermann Stockinger stressed that the company holds all required patents. Moreover, their solution is easy to install and more importantly easy to retrofit and has stirred a lot of interest from the industry. Apart from this application with BMW, Stockinger mentioned they were in touch with a premium brand based in China and that cost-efficiency is a top priority for Easelink.

The wireless solution Matrix Charging will be on display in Munich until October, 18. Easelink is based in Graz, Austria.

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    are these available in Australia
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    Is it Available in the Market?

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