May 16, 2019 - 06:08 pm

Smatrics and BEÖ join forces in Austria


It is now official that an e-mobility alliance focused on user-friendliness is being formed in the Alpine nation: The eleven partner companies of the Federal Association for Electric Mobility (BEÖ) and the joint venture Smatrics are networking their charging stations in Austria.

This means that customers can now simply charge at the public charging points of the participating BEÖ members and of Smatrics using just one charging card or an app. At the beginning of the week, the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology announced that a “milestone for e-mobility” would be reached.

In concrete terms, a network with 3,500 public charging points will be created, which Smartrics describes in a recent press release as Austria’s largest and fastest charging network. “The cooperation makes charging throughout Austria even easier and more convenient,” says Smatrics Managing Director Michael-Viktor Fischer. Every customer with the corresponding tariff will have full access to the charging stations of the BEÖ members with his card and vice versa.

“With this cooperation we are joining forces and one of the densest charging networks for electric cars in Europe will be created,” confirms BEÖ chairman Ute Teufelberger, who also reveals that the BEÖ network will grow internationally with further partners in the coming months.

There are currently around 5,000 publicly accessible charging connections and more than 23,000 pure electric vehicles in Austria. Since March 2017, the eleven leading energy companies have been operating the BEÖ charging network with around 3,000 public charging stations with electricity from renewable sources. Smatrics offers 450 of its own charging points, including 300 in Austria and around 250 HPC chargers with electricity from 100 percent hydropower. (In German)


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