Too much of a good thing


Paris has enough, of Trottinettes that is. Providers have deployed about 15,000 little kick-scooters so far and numbers are to double. But, as users misbehave too often, companies such as Jump, Lime or Bird have been warned to either abide by a new code of good conduct or else the city will kick them to the curb.

The popularity of the scooters may prove their downfall, as locals and tourists alike commonly use the vehicles to jet around the city, but proper storage and parking as to not hinder traffic have been an issue with the 15,000 scooters around the city, as well as users driving the not-quite-so-slow vehicles on the sidewalk.

Now the companies have received a warning: As numbers are projected to grow to 30,000 scooters before too long, companies will need to regulate their customers, or else a crackdown will come from politics: “If self-regulation fails, we will have to temporarily ban the service, until the LOM (the new transport law currently under consideration in the French parliament) is adopted.”,


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