Renault Zoe fitted with car-sharing software from Vulog


Vulog has partnered with Renault to pre-install its AiMA (Artificial Intelligence Mobility Applied) car sharing software in the Renault Zoe. The agreement between the two French firms means that Renault will be able to install Vulog’s software on the assembly line.

Besides, private buyers can also have the software installed in Renault garages. By the end of 2019, more than 2,500 Renault Zoe vehicles equipped with Vulog’s car sharing technology will be on the road – initially in Northern Europe, South America and the United Arab Emirates.

According to Vulog, it develops technology solutions for the car sharing variants Free Floating, Round-Trip and Peer-to-Peer, as well as for driving services and pilot projects for autonomous driving. Customers already include mobility providers such as Wible (a joint venture between Kia Motors and Repsol), Free2Move (Groupe PSA), Aimo (Sumitomo), Evo (BCAA), Mol-Limo (MOL Group) as well as Mevo and GreenMobility.

According to Vulog, the AiMA platform uses in-house data knowledge and AI knowledge. Recently added new features include improved anticipatory demand management, specific improvements to electric fleet management and the integration of autonomous car sharing capabilities.

“Our customers will now be able to order fleets of Renault ZOEs pre-equipped with our technology,” says Vulog CEO Gregory Ducongé. This will facilitate the introduction of car sharing services for mobility providers. “And this is just the first step in our collaboration: we are working to integrate our technology into Groupe Renault’s full range of electric vehicles,” Ducongé announced.

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