Potential buyer for DP/DHL’s StreetScooter vans?


Deutsche Post/DHL has reportedly found a prominent prospective buyer for the planned sale of its StreetScooter electric van division. Insiders state that the Aachen e-mobility pioneer Günther Schuh wants to take over the German Post subsidiary he had helped build in the first place.

Schuh played a decisive role in the initial development of the electric transporter and has submitted a purchase offer of 300 million euros according to report in the German Manager Magazin. Apparently, he would like to take over the DHL subsidiary, including the two existing StreetScooter plants. There is no official confirmation for the rumour so far, but the German Post had widely announced their intention of not becoming an automobile manufacturer, so the lack of an immediate denial points to the offer being seriously considered by the logistics company.

Previously, a deal was almost reached for a takeover by Volkswagen, however, negotiations were dropped due to different price expectations. Here the offer had reportedly stood around 300 – 400 million euros for half the shares, which was then rejected by Post CEO Frank Appel, who believed the price was too low. This again makes the alleged offer of Günther Schuh appear unlikely; however, the StreetScooter business has decelerated recently with Manager Magazin speaking of a €70 million loss last year. So perhaps DP/DHL will indeed consider this latest offer. Besides, Schuh is literally close to home and knows the business well. More so, the eGo Mobile founder recently scored a deal with VW as his little company was the first to be selected to use the MEB platform in a yet-to-be-designed electric car. It looks like there may be synergies in the making.

manager-magazin.de (in German, paywall)

Additional reporting by Nora Manthey.


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