USA: First deliveries of Tesla Model 3 Standard


Tesla has apparently started to deliver the basic version of Model 3 (“Standard Range”) for 35,000 US dollars. This is technically the Standard Range Plus version, but the usable battery capacity and some functions are limited by software.

Sales of the basic version of Model 3 called Standard, which has been promised for years, started in the USA at the beginning of March at a net list price of 35,000 dollars. However, the purchase became complicated quickly, because Tesla took the model out of the online store after only one month and announced that customers could only order the variant immediately by telephone or in a Tesla store.

At the same time, the Californian company announced that the Model 3 Standard was a software-limited version of Model 3 Standard Plus. As far as hardware is concerned, both versions have been identical ever since. The only difference is that the software limits the range of the standard version by ten percent and deactivates some functions (including the music streaming service, navigation with live traffic visualization and heated seats). According to Tesla, the background to the changes was that six times as many copies of the “Standard Plus” version have been sold as the “Standard” version to date, and that the online ordering process was designed to “minimize complexity and streamline processes”.

Strictly speaking, deliveries of the standard version in the USA already started in April. According to Electrek, however, customers still receive their vehicle without the announced limitations – i.e. as a Standard Plus version. It seems that the software for limiting the functions is only now ready for use, so that it is now played back via an over-the-air update on the units already delivered and new standard vehicles from now on roll off the production line with the reduced functions from the outset.

In Europe and China, the Tesla Model 3 in the Standard Plus version has been available since mid-April. The basic model is not yet available. Tesla has not yet committed itself to a precise market launch.


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