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Water e-bike goes serial


Just over a year ago, New Zealand company Manta revealed the Hyrofoiler XE-1 – an electric bike that rides on water. Now the water rider has gone into serial production and can be ordered online. The hydrofoiler XE-1 costs $7,490.00 USD and deliveries are already scheduled for this year.

Manta5’s water bike enables travel over water with an electric assist motor, that apparently has no trouble with choppy seas and is easily transportable. But what happens when you fall off? Take a look at the video. It’s just ever so slightly James Bond.


about „Water e-bike goes serial“
A Wahed BuKhilli
14.07.2020 um 14:30
Good day to you sir. I would like to get more information about water e-bike, because I plan to sell it in my country, I believe that it is interesting, and so people in my country will enjoy to use it. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you and best regards,

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