Jun 9, 2019 - 11:31 pm

Tesla Model X is a balancing act


Usually, Tesla cars fly off the shelves and sometimes CEO Elon Musk may appear a little off the rails but this incident is a whole new balancing act. The Swiss police that caught the Model X in the act even spoke of a flying Tesla.

And they were kind of right. What happened was that a Tesla Model X “flew off” a guard rail on the highway and ended up doing a funny balancing act on its battery pack.

The accident happened in France last week on the A404 motorway in l’Ain near the border with Switzerland and prompted the local police department to release the following statement:

“A new flying Tesla vehicle flew off the guard rail on A404 highway toward Bourg/Oyonnax around the end of the exit. The landing was soft. The driver was safe – more fear than hurt.”

For some reason, this incident reminds us of the story of an aeroplane from the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) crushing into a Model X. Oh, and there was also the Tesla SUV in the Netherlands that went bust in a canal so it does appear safe to say, those falcon doors are not for flying, really.



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