USA: CLT Airport also opts for Proterra electric buses


North Carolina’s airport Charlotte Douglas International (CLT) has purchased five Proterra electric buses with 125 kW charging systems. CLT is the ninth airport to buy e-buses for ground transport from Proterra and joins a growing list of major US airports electrifying their fleets.

In the case of Charlotte Douglas International (CLT) the contract includes the delivery of five electric buses of type Catalyst E2 including 125 kWh charging infrastructure. The stations utilise the universal CCS Type 1 charging standard, enabling coaches, utility vehicles and cars to share the same chargers so that CLT may open the charging infrastructure for a range of battery-electric service vehicles in the future.

While in North Carolina, CLT is the first airport to leverage the Georgia State Contract to purchase Proterra electric buses. The state of Georgia selected Proterra as a statewide vendor for electric buses after a testing and review process and allows other states to leverage the state contract to simplify the process of purchasing electric buses. CLT’s Proterra buses will be manufactured locally in Greenville, SC.

On a similar note, Proterra recently teamed up with Mitsui & Co. of Japan to create a credit facility to offset the battery price of electric buses for transit operators, and Proterra says, its electric bus thus has “roughly the same price as a diesel bus”. Partaking public transport companies buy the bus separately (we reported).

For Proterra, CLT is the ninth airport to use its electric buses for zero-emission ground transportation. Most recently San Francisco International (SFO) has done the same and purchased six Proterra Catalyst E2 electric buses. These will be part of the airport’s fleet that currently shuttles passengers between the terminals, long-term parking garages and other airport locations along daily routes.

In Europe Brussels Airport and Amsterdams Schiphol Airport have been using electric buses for some time.


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