Jun 22, 2019 - 08:13 am

Mahle expands range of e-bike components


After German Automotive supplier Mahle took over ebikemotion Technologies (now Mahle Ebikemotion) last year, the supplier is further expanding its business. Mahle now offers connective and complete e-bike drive systems.

According to the company, the components are made to be compact, so they fit snugly into the frame and hub of the bicycle. This gives e-bikes the possibility of looking just like their non-motorized counterparts – only being recognisable as electric under careful inspection. The new rear-wheel hub motor weighs only 3.5 kilograms, including the battery. The compact design of the components is intended to give bicycle manufacturers greater freedom in the design of racing bikes, offroad bikes and city bicycles.

Just like Bosch when presenting its e-bike products for 2020, Mahle is increasingly focusing on connectivity. The user interface can provide the cyclist with information on range, route, weather, and fitness data. Social media applications, anti-theft protection, and sharing concepts have opened up new possibilities for bicycle manufacturers.

According to Mahle, manufacturers such as Orbea, Colnago, Pinarello and Bianchi have already opted for the automotive supplier’s drive system.



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