ABB showcases first electric truck in Switzerland


ABB presented the first electric truck in Berne. By the end of 2022, the company plans to convert its fleet to zero-emission vehicles gradually in Switzerland. The current three-axe model was developed together with E-Force One but runs on ABB technology.

Overall, ABB plans to deploy a fleet of ten electric trucks set up together with E-Force One. The electric vehicle has ABB technology inside that incorporates an electric motor, inverter, traction auxiliary and battery systems.

Not only the drive train in the vehicles of the Swiss vehicle maker E-Force One will come from ABB. The electric trucks will also charge at ABB Terra 54 fast chargers and provide enough power for a range of up to 300km. A range of up to 500km would be possible with the largest available battery fitted. However, E-Force One works with a concept of individually modifying each electric truck according to the distance it has to travel, the charging technology it has to use, and the type of route it takes. In the case of ABB, the longest scheduled distance for delivery within Switzerland is 235km – well within the 300km range of the EF26 three-axle vehicles.

The first two trucks will be garaged at ABB’s power electronics factory in Turgi, northern Switzerland. After a test phase of several months, ABB’s current fleet of eleven diesel vehicles will be superseded over the next three years by a fleet of electric trucks. ABB will be the first company in Switzerland to trial fully electric truck deliveries, and they will benefit during the testing period from the established fixed routes between ABB facilities.

Morten Wierod, President of ABB’s Motion business, said “the new powertrain for trucks is a significant piece of e-mobility technology for heavy vehicles. It shows our advancement in developing technologies that are more energy efficient with a lower-carbon output. We will also be using the E-truck in our daily business operations.”

The first mission of the new electric truck was to deliver an ABB Formula E ‘Gen2’ racecar for this weekend’s Formula E race in Berne.

For ABB it is the start of a fleet of up to ten electric vehicles running on regular routes from 2022.


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