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Police not charged


In Luxemburg, a Tesla police car ran out of battery power on a public highway. Usually running out of fuel on a highway in the rather small and very wealthy European country will incur a fine. But since there are currently no regulations against empty batteries, the police got away with an embarrassing moment.

The officers explained that they were trying to run down the battery to service the vehicle – Electric cars must have their batteries run down every 20,000 kilometres in order to keep up the maintenance.

The incident, however, was paid some attention in the Luxemburg parliamentary sitting. In response to a question submitted by Luxemburg’s Pirate Party MP Sven Clement, the Minister for Mobility and Public Works, Francois Bausch answered cooly that the police should in future carry out their maitenance drives closer to service centres.

Still feeling empty? We’ve reported on two operations to help stranded electric car drivers or car sharing operators, should their vehicles run out of charge when out and about – In the UK motoring organisation the Royal Automobile Association (RAC) can now help stranded EV drivers with a mobile charging unit, and in Berlin, Chargery is riding out on electric bikes to charge electric car-sharing vehicles in any location in the city to make sure batteries are optimally charged when required.

Even so, the likelihood of running out of battery in the small country with a total population of around half a million people has also diminished somewhat since charging network operator Chargy set about expanding their charging network in Luxemburg.


about „Police not charged“
27.06.2019 um 16:33
Wow, I've been driving a EV since mid-2011. This is the first time I've ever heard of " Electric cars must have their batteries run down every 20,000 kilometres in order to keep up the maintenance.". I have never (and never would) run a battery flat. I have friends who've been driving Teslas for years and they've never mentioned anything like this. Besides if you were going to do such a crazy thing, wouldn't it be prudent to plan ahead and have a chase vehicle or some way to recover the vehicle on standby? This is just stupid.
28.06.2019 um 02:06
Wow the Police really put out a line of bull and people probably bought it.

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