Jul 1, 2019 - 06:52 pm

California regulates zero-emissions buses at airports


The California Air Resources Board has just approved regulations that require fixed route airport shuttles at California’s 13 largest airports to transition to 100 per cent zero-emission vehicles by 2035.

“California continues its forward march toward a zero-emission future with airport shuttles presenting a great opportunity for showcasing this process,” said CARB Executive Officer Richard Corey. “Shuttles are a vital part of airport activity. The transition to zero-emission shuttles not only provides consumers with clean, quiet transport but will help further expand the reach of this ultra-clean technology into the heavy-duty transportation sector.”

Airport shuttles are ideal for zero-emissions technology: they up to 200 miles per day on short, fixed routes with low average speeds in a stop-and-go pattern. With these kinds of operations, Zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) have even more of an advantage over internal combustion vehicles in terms of energy and fuel efficiency, as well as maintenance costs. Additionally advantageous is that shuttles at airports are maintained and “fueled” on-site, which is ideal for overnight and mid-day charging.

Zero-emission shuttles are already operating throughout California, as well as in other states. Likewise in Europe and elsewhere, electric buses and their corresponding infrastructure are being introduced to Airports with relatively low adoption hurdles. In France, autonomous electric buses are currently being trialled at Paris’ CDG Airport.

In California, the rule will be phased in over a 13-year period. Beginning in 2022, shuttle fleets will be required to report on the current state of their vehicles. Public and private fleets, including parking facilities, rental car agencies and hotels are all required to conform to these regulations.

California has recently made waves with governmental commitments to the transport transition to electric vehicles with initiatives such as the agreement with Canada on cleaner vehicles as well as the L.A. sustainability targets.



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