Borgward’s electric car factory in Bremen falls


The plan by the revived carmaker Borgward to produce electric cars in Bremen, which had previously already come to a standstill, is now completely off the table. The reserved area will likely go to another company. It is unclear what the future holds for Borgward.

According to the Bremen Economic Development Agency (WFB), the company is currently not pursuing its original plan of manufacturing in the town in North Germany. The reservation of a 140,000 square metre area in the Bremen freight traffic centre expired at the end of June. However, other interested parties are said to have lined up who could now be given preference.

Borgward confirmed to the news agency DPA that the plant had been temporarily closed down. “How and in what form Borgward will be active in Bremen in the future is currently being examined,” said a spokesperson. “Bremen is and remains Borgward’s home. We remain in close contact with the WFB.” According to the economic development agency, this will not be about manufacturing, but about mobility services, on which Borgward allegedly wants to concentrate after a strategic reorientation.

When Christian Borgward, grandson of the company’s founder, revived the brand in 2015, the financier was the Chinese truck manufacturer Foton in the background. In January 2019, the Chinese start-up Ucar took over Foton’s shares. This is an up-and-coming company in the Chinese mobility market. Among other things, Ucar offers driving services.

What this means for European production of the fully electric BXi7 is unclear. At least it is not going to be built in Bremen. What exactly the new owner plans with Borgward is not known, but the strategy turn in Bremen could be the first hint. (in German)


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