Chargefox partners with Yurika for electric highway


The Australian EV charging network operator Chargefox is partnering with Yurika to manage the fast-charging sites that are the Queensland Electric Super Highway. They have also opened the “most powerful EV charging station in the southern hemisphere”.

Queensland’s Electric Super Highway was initially comprised of 17 charging sites fitted with 50 kW fast chargers, capable of delivering power for 60 km of driving in 15 minutes, according to the company, and has since been expanded.

Chargefox’s network extends far beyond that, however, as the company currently holds over 170 public chargers, 40 of which are DC fast chargers. The company plans to extend that DC number to over 100 beyond the end of 2019, eventually aiming for “thousands of chargers”.

Chargefox chief executive Marty Andrews describes the acquisition as an important step to make EV ownership in Australia more feasible: “Extending the Chargefox network to Cairns is a step forward for EV drivers in Queensland and across Australia. It provides further reassurance that EV ownership is a real option for new car buyers, and the connection simplifies charging dramatically for existing EV drivers.”

Additionally, Chargefox has inaugurated what they are calling “the most powerful EV charging station in the southern hemisphere”. It is located at the Westfield Airport West, Melbourne. The HPC is capable of charging with up to 350 kW at four sockets, next to the two 50 kW fast chargers on site. More ultra-rapid charging stations are said to follow, all charged from renewable energy sources.

Marty Andrews, Chargefox CEO said: “Our aim is to make EV charging as fast and easy as possible for all Australians, and we’re excited to be leading the way in delivering state-of-the-art infrastructure backed by renewable energy, like at this site. We’re transforming Australia from a global laggard to a leader in transport innovation, and part of this is future-proofing our technology and infrastructure for many years to come.”,,


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