Extreme E presents Odyssey 21 prototype


The prototype of the electric off-road vehicle for the planned new Extreme E racing series in the world’s most adverse climates has now been unveiled. Initially known as the E-SUV, the standardised racing car seems to have become a kind of electric off-road buggy.

The concept car was presented at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in southern England. The makers behind the planned racing series are following a similar path as in the sister series Formula E: First there is a standard electric car, over the years various components are to be released for development by the participating teams and manufacturers. In the Extreme E, however, the manufacturers are already allowed to modify the body in the first year in order to bring the appearance a little closer to their respective road models.

The 400 kW “Odyssey 21” was built by Spark Racing Technology and has a battery supplied by Williams Advanced Engineering. The two companies also supply the chassis and battery for the Formula E racing cars. The electric off-road racer should be able to accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and – probably more importantly for the planned extreme use – overcome gradients of up to 55 degrees.

“The series aims to combine world-class motorsport and driving in the most demanding environments in the world, providing manufacturers with an important platform for research and development of their sustainable mobility solutions,” said Formula One founder Alejandro Agag, who is also behind the new project.

The Extreme E aims to demonstrate the performance of electric SUVs under extreme climatic conditions while highlighting the impact of climate change on local ecosystems. Read more about series and schedule of the races here.

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