Brose has developed a full system for e-bikes


Brose is transforming itself from being an electric bicycle drive supplier to being able to provide a whole system. At the Eurobike Media Days, Brose presented a specially developed e-bike system for the first time and can now offer drives, batteries and displays from a single source.

Brose‘s flexible modular system will remain so that manufacturers can still have the option of selecting individual Brose components. The difference is that now manufacturers can also opt for the whole system.

Thomas Leicht, Brose Antriebstechnik’s Senior Vice President said that “The Brose Drive System provides the optimum combination of drive, control unit and battery. By coordinating these components, the overall Brose riding experience is optimised. At the same time, the customer can now also benefit from a range of services from a single source.”

The heart of the Brose Drive System is the Brose Drive product family with two platforms: the aluminium drives that can be installed in any position around the bottom bracket and the 500 gram lighter and 15 per cent smaller magnesium variants. The Brose Drive C Mag and Brose Drive T Mag magnesium drives are new.

The Brose Battery 630, which can be integrated into the bicycle frame, is specially designed for the Brose Drive product family. To be connected with the robust Brose standard plug, it provides 17-ampere hours at 36 volts voltage and thus has an energy storage capacity of 630 watt-hours. The lockable Brose Battery 630 measures 387 x 84 x 72 millimetres and weighs 3.8 kilograms.

The three newly developed displays are part of the system, but can also be retrofitted to all predecessor models of the Brose Drive product family.  The larger and more detailed “Central” display option features a 3.5-inch screen. The smaller “Allround” display is only 1.5-inches (3.8 cm) offering a minimalistic view of essential e-bike parameters. These displays show battery charge status, support level, speed, range, odometer, trip information, light and time, as well as a sliding aid. Both displays are backlit for easy viewing at night. The third option, the “Remote”, is an ultra-minimalist display with a simple LED interface. The displays are compatible with every e-bike with Brose Drive meaning that Brose e-bike owners can upgrade their own bikes to the new displays.

With the aim of improving the satisfaction of manufacturers, dealers and cyclists, Brose is expanding its service area and providing certified dealers with contacts. A further component of the new Brose system is the Service Tool. Its purpose is to considerably simplify diagnosis and maintenance. The German bicycle manufacturer stores configurations as well as data and parameters from production. The dealer then uses these for maintenance and diagnosis. In addition, certified dealers can use the tool to make individual adjustments to the drive and fine-tune the e-bike.


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