UK: BP Chargemaster to install chargers at 200 pubs


BP Chargemaster has been tasked with installing rapid charging points at 200 of Mitchells & Butlers pubs to receive rapid chargers across the UK. 50 installations of the 50 kW charging stations are expected by October.

The chargers will run on the Polar network, which uses 100% renewable electricity, and can be used in a subscription or pay-as-you-go model.

While driving and pubs do not always go well together, the move is a major step in the electrification of transport, as Richard Turner, Head of Supplier Management at Mitchells & Butlers said: “With a large number of our sites being located either on or near main roads, we will be able to provide prime locations for an EV owner to charge their car.” This would also increase traffic in their restaurant business.

The business incentive was also noted by David Newton, COO of BP Chargemaster: “At this stage in the market, we are seeing electric vehicle drivers actively seek out locations that offer convenient charging, so we also expect to deliver additional footfall to sites that host our rapid chargers.”

With up to 50 installations expected by October 2019, it is a nationwide rollout of charging stations at Mitchells & Butlers sites.


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15.07.2019 um 17:17
I hope they charge so fast that the driver doesn't have too much time to drink at the pub! strange decision...

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