MG brings fully-electric ZS SUV with special sale

The electric MG ZS SUV is going on sale in the UK with a 163-mile (262 km) range and a special offer that promises prices from £21,495 for the first 1,000 cars registered. These first customers will also get a free home charging point including free installation.

The ZS uses a front electric motor with 105 kW and 353 Nm of torque from a 44.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack. The battery has been mounted underneath the car, which is capable of rapid charging.

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing at MG, said: “With an exciting £21,495 price point at launch, ZS EV is a compelling option for customers who want to switch from old school petrol and diesel cars and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of electric motoring.” One might also point out that British brand’s electric model is still almost twice the price of their combustion engine version, although, of course, EV customers spend less on both fuel/charging and maintenance.

The British carmaker draws attention to the car’s family vehicle capacity referring to the car’s legroom and headroom, a spacious boot and several storage spaces, pointing out that the family electric car can also store bulky loads, such as bikes and pushchairs.

Without the £3,500 ($4,357/€3,880) Government Grant and matching MG EV Grant, prices for the ZS EV Excite start at £28,495 ($35,476/€31,586). The more upmarket Exclusive version has a price tag of £30,495 ($37,966/€33,802), which is also included in the special offer which drops the price to £23,495 ($29,251/€26,043) after the subsidies.

MG says that the model is its most technologically advanced yet with emergency braking, blindspot monitoring, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control, as well as three modes of regenerative braking. The electric SUV’s lifestyle features include the cabin’s sliding “sky roof”. MG is selling the electric car with its 7-year warranty that covers both the car and the lithium-ion battery.,,

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I would like a quote, wiring my garage for electric vehicle

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