Jul 23, 2019 - 12:17 pm

“Weeds growing up around” Angus Council EVs

It was recently revealed that Scotland’s Angus Council is not using their publicly funded electric vehicles. Two only covered 20 miles each since March, while one vehicle only drove five miles since the end of April.

The fleet of four BMW i3s was put into operation in March, but three of the four vehicles have not seen much use since. The excuse was paltry: “We expect to see an increase in mileage for all these vehicles now they have been formally rolled-out on the council’s booking system and the older electric vehicles returned to the leasing company.”

While the booking system hurdle has been cleared, an inside source revealed that “They’ve sat so long in the car park at Forfar that weeds have actually grown up around them.” This does not suggest that much interest for driving the battery-electric vehicles was present.



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Found on electrive.com
23.07.2019 12:00