Jul 25, 2019 - 04:35 pm

Hungary: Spar invests in charging infrastructure


The food retail chain SPAR has announced that they will begin building EV charging infrastructure across their 500 locations through the country. The first installation was done by NKM, who installed 66 EVBox charge points at 17 high traffic locations in the country.

While Hungary still features a total of around 6,000 electric vehicles on the roads, the grocery chain is taking the initiative by setting up a charging network before the demand sets in. Initially, the charging services will also be offered free of charge to shoppers, which will likely net them a big sympathy bonus from EV drivers with immediate effect. How long the offer remains was not stated, however.

EVBox is one of the largest EV charging station and software manufacturers, with more than 75,000 charging points in more than 55 countries, according to the manufacturer.



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