Proterra is offering their tech to manufacturers


The US electric bus manufacturer Proterra is now officially offering its technologies to other OEMs under the name Proterra Powered. The product range includes electric drives as well as battery and charging systems.

Besides hardware, Proterra also offers design consulting, engineering services, service support and training, as well as support in implementing charging infrastructure. Proterra is already working with OEMs such as Daimler, Van Hool and Alexander Dennis to develop battery electric vehicles powered by Proterra technologies. The new offer is called Proterra Powered.

“Commercial and urban fleets are the best application for electric vehicles,” says Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra. “With decreasing battery costs, improved propulsion technology, lower maintenance costs and immense benefits for people’s health, we are at the beginning of an e-revolution for heavy-duty commercial vehicles in our communities.

One example is school buses in the USA: Last year Daimler Trucks & Buses joined Proterra, one of the first projects was the electrification of school buses of the Daimler brand Thomas Built Buses. Van Hool, meanwhile, is using Proterra technology in its electric coaches for the North American market.

Similar models will now also be available to other manufacturers. This not only opens up a new business segment for Proterra, but could also benefit the other branches: The additional business volume and higher unit numbers could also reduce the cost of components., (Mitteilung), (Proterra Powered)

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