Ford plans 2 mid-sized crossovers on new BEV platform


Ford’s plans to produce next-generation electric cars in Michigan are becoming more concrete. Two battery-electric mid-range crossover models are apparently planned, one for the Ford brand and another for the Lincoln brand. Both models would be based on a new BEV platform.

The two new battery-electric vehicles, code-named CDX746 and CDX747 by Automotive News as they leaked the news, are planned for 2023 and will go into production in Flat Rock, Michigan at the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. Automotive News quotes “three sources with knowledge of Ford’s plans” saying the vehicles will be similar in size to the Ford Edge, which is also available in Europe.

Further details about the vehicles and the new platform first announced in March such as battery capacity, drive and charging power, connectivity etc. – are not yet known. According to the report, Ford has asked its suppliers to prepare for production of up to 65,000 units per year. Ford has not issued a comment on the report – Automotive News said that a spokeswoman declined to comment because they do not discuss future vehicles as a matter of policy. In Flat Rock, Ford has so far produced the Mustang and the Lincoln Continental. The latter, however, is only selling slowly and will probably only be produced in China from the end of 2021 – this could also create space for BEV production.

The carmaker has already confirmed a Mustang-inspired high-performance battery-electric SUV, a fully electric F-150 and a BEV to be developed jointly with Rivian for 2020. The high-performance SUV is to be built at Ford’s Cuautitlan plant in Mexico, and the vehicles from the Rivian cooperation could also be built at the startup, as Ford CEO Jim Hackett recently hinted.

As part of its electrification plans for Europe, Ford also announced a purely battery-electric version of the Transit commercial vehicle series for 2021.


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