Cake launches deliveries of 2nd electric motorbike


After presenting its all-electric Kalk OR off-road motorcycle last year, the Swedish startup Cake is now selling the road-going Kalk& version in Europe and North America – at a steep price, however.

The price of the 10 kW strong and over 90 km/h fast electric bike with 2.6 kWh battery is 14,000 euros, of which 200 euros must be paid in advance. The Kalk& is a light electric motorcycle approved for the road. The weight is just 79 kilograms, of which 17 kilograms are accounted for by the battery. Cake states the range to be 86 kilometres. In Europe, an A1 driving licence is sufficient for the Kalk&.

Since the machine takes over a large part of the technology from the Kalk OR off-road bike (which, by the way, has no road approval), the off-road character is also retained here, even though Cake says it is ideal for daily commuting.

With its off-road characteristics, it is a true dual-use vehicle: during the week for commuting (in the city), on weekends over paths and unpaved paths. “With the need for new means of transportation, vehicles, propellants and infrastructure at large,” says Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of Cake, “this is CAKE’s and CAKE customers first contribution to urban cleaning.”

The Kalk& is the beginning of a planned series of electric motorcycles. However, the company did not provide further details on future vehicles in communication., (technical specs)


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