EO Charging and Moixa connect for smart EV charging


The UK charger manufacturer EO Charging and smart grid firm Moixa are cooperating to create a dedicated smart home battery and solar package for electric vehicles. The system is designed to store renewable energy and to use it to charge the EV.

More specifically, the solution is to integrate an EO Genius EV charger and a 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery. The system is then connected to a customer’s solar panels and managed via Moixa’s smart-energy management software GridShare.

Chris Wright, CTO at Moixa, stressed that not only will this maximise the use of home-generated solar energy but “at the same time customers will be able to take full advantage of emerging smart tariffs, and benefit from the cheap overnight energy for car charging while covering their household consumption during peak pricing”.

For EO Charging, this is the second cooperation within a week. London’s electric cab maker LEVC selected EO to supply charging equipment across Scotland reportedly. For the partnership at hand, Richard Earl, chief technology officer at EO Charging, believes this partnership with Moixa “will also enable us to harness the commercial potential of combining vehicle-to-grid (V2G) EV charging and static battery storage”.

London-based Moixa manages more than 70 MWh of residential storage capacity in 7,000 homes in the UK and Japan. Most of these residencies (worth 60 MWh) are in Japan, and the firm has attracted funding from Japanese trading giant Itochu as well as Honda in May this year.

In Britain, Moixa revealed their plans to develop a virtual power plant (VPP) in West Sussex that will combine solar panels, batteries and electric vehicles. The VPP could include hundreds of households, schools and other facilities in southern England and Moixa aims to scale the network up to 17 MW eventually.

The company’s GridShare platform applies artificial intelligence to monitor energy use and develop electric car charging plans tailored to the needs of customers.,


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