Niu announces electric scooter subsidiary


The Chinese electric scooter manufacturer Niu introduced a new brand called Gova for more affordable products. In specific terms, three electric scooter series is planned, for which Niu quotes a price range between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan (approx. 380 to 500 euros).

The G1 electric scooter is to be launched at the beginning of September, followed by the G3 and G5 over the course of the year. In the report for the second quarter, Niu boss Yan Li said that a new product line under the other brand name Gova would be launched. “By leveraging our design capability and cost efficiencies, we’ll position Gova as a valuable money product, targeting the medium segment,” the CEO said. “We intend to sell this product line in both China and international markets.”

To achieve the targeted price range, savings will, of course, have to be made in several areas – at least in the basic versions. According to Yan Li, Niu will be the brand for intelligent and networked electric scooters, while Gova will not offer such connectivity functions ex-works but only for an extra charge. Niu didn’t give any details on technical data such as battery size, performance and range of the new scooters – nor did he say how the Gova G1, G3 and G5 should differ.

Niu is one of the better-known electric scooter brands worldwide; the electric vehicles are also offered in Europe and used in some sharing fleets. Last year, the company was also listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange.


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