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Nov 23, 2021 - 03:02 pm

Niu unveils electric scooters, bikes and motorbike at EICMA

Niu has presented a number of new models at the EICMA in Milan, including an electric scooter called MQi GT Evo that goes over 100 km/h and an urban electric motorcycle called RQi. The Chinese manufacturer also debuted a range of micro-mobility products in Milan.

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Feb 1, 2021 - 05:57 pm

Lime adds shared electric mopeds to the fleet

Lime is adding electric mopeds to its micromobility platform and said it plans to launch as many as 600 LEVs on its platform in Washington D.C. this spring. The company is also working with authorities to pilot the mopeds in Paris.

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Jan 8, 2020 - 01:11 pm

Niu presents new electric motorbike & 3-wheeler

Niu has just presented the RQi-GT electric motorcycle and the TQi-GT three-wheeled electric scooter at the CES. The Chinese manufacturer is planning to put the two new models into series production in the second half of 2020.

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Nov 11, 2019 - 01:55 pm

Revel launches scooter fleet in Austin

The New York startup Revel has launched in the Texan capital with a fleet of 1,000 electric scooters (as in mopeds, not kick scooters) in a vehicle-sharing scheme. Revel already has 1,000 electric scooters on New York’s streets and 400 more in Washington DC.

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Nov 10, 2019 - 11:24 am

NIU joins e-bike market, presents new electric scooters

At the EICMA in Milan this year, Niu presented three new electric scooters for the M, N and U series, as well as an e-bike – with which the Chinese scooter manufacturing giant enters the market for electric bicycles. The new scooter models and the Niu Aero EB-01 electric bike will be available in selected […]

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Aug 27, 2019 - 12:43 pm

Niu announces electric scooter subsidiary

The Chinese electric scooter manufacturer Niu introduced a new brand called Gova for more affordable products. In specific terms, three electric scooter series is planned, for which Niu quotes a price range between 3,000 and 4,000 yuan (approx. 380 to 500 euros).

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Jun 3, 2019 - 01:55 pm

USA: Revel completes scooter sharing tests in NY

The New York City-based startup Revel Transit has completed a nine-month pilot project on electric scooter sharing, in which 68 mopeds were used. Now 1,000 of their shared electric scooters were released onto the streets of Brooklyn and Queens.

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Feb 20, 2019 - 02:22 pm

Forsee Power to deliver e-scooter batteries to Niu

Battery maker Forsee Power of France will supply the Chinese brand Niu with batteries for its electric scooter series. In addition, Forsee plans to produce more than 100,000 batteries for Niu at its Zhongshan plant in Guangdong Province between now and 2022.

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Sep 26, 2018 - 01:30 pm

E-scooter firm Niu of China files for $150M U.S. IPO

Niu is among China’s largest electric scooter manufacturers. Now they are looking to get listed on the U.S. stock exchange, where they seek an IPO worth 150 million dollars to increase production, intensify R&D and widen their distribution.

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Jun 2, 2015 - 09:11 am

BMW, ZEV credits, Citroën, Formula E, Niu, Garia, VW.

BMW may plan new PHEV: According to the Australian website Motoring, the next BMW X3 model expected for 2016 will also become available as a plug-in hybrid variant with an all-electric range of 50 kilometres. It could feature a 67 kW electric motor and a turbocharged four-cylinder combustion engine, giving it a combined output of around 245 kW.

All need to electrify: The California Air Resources Board announced that even small carmakers will have to comply with clean-car rules, denying the request of Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru and Volvo to be exempt from the rules. The decision will allow the five smaller automakers, all of which have less than 40 billion dollars in annual global revenue, to have the option of selling plug-in hybrids to earn credits towards compliance, rather than being forced to sell pure EVs.
autonews.com, hybridcars.com

Formula-E-BerlinCitroën Formula E update: Rumours that the French carmaker will take part in the second Formula E season are becoming more concrete. Motorsport.com has learned that a Citroën Formula E test took place earlier this month close to Paris. The carmaker is said to join Richard Branson’s Virgin racing team next year. The official announcement is expected during the ePrix finale in London at the end of June.

New scooter from China: Li Yinan, former chief technology officer of China’s largest internet search company Baidu, and his new company Niu introduced an electric scooter called “N1 smart e-scooter” to the Chinese market. The Vespa-like two-wheeler features a Bosch motor and weighs only 10 kilos. It could also become available in Europe at a later date.

From furniture to EVs: Danish newspaper Finans reports that Lars Larsen, owner of the internationally operating Danish retail chain Jysk, which is selling household goods, plans to produce electric utility vehicles for municipalities, public offices, parks and camping sites and to sell the EVs worldwide. Apparently the planning stage is all wrapped up and first deals have already been signed.
finans.dk (in Danish) via emobilitaetonline.de (in German)

Driving the Beetle Dune Hybrid concept: John Voelker from Green Car Concepts took the bug for a spin and found the ride rather bumpy, feeling the weight of the hybrid drivetrain also used in the Jetta. He believes the concept is really a way for VW to say “Look, we can put our hybrid powertrain in a bunch of different vehicles–including this one.”

Found on electrive.com
08.08.2022 15:20