Allego charging station for electric buses and cars


In Germany, Allego has opened a special HPC location near Munich. The three CCS chargers were built for Josef Ettenhuber but while the private bus company charges its three e-busses at night, during the day the chargers can be used by the public.

Starting in December of this year, the Ettenhuber bus company will be the first private bus company in the Schengen area to transport passengers with electric buses, specifically with three Solaris e-buses. The vehicles from the Urbino series each have a battery capacity of 240 kWh and a range of 240 kilometres.

The three 150 kW chargers now installed by Allego near Munich at Ettenhuber in Feldkirchen will be used to charge the electric buses at night. During the day, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., they are available for use by the public. Then not only residents can charge their vehicles, but also people passing through. The charging stations at Otto-Lilienthal-Ring 22 are located near the Munich East motorway junction. For those with vehicles capable of fast-charging or even high power charging, it will be possible to charge vehicles for 200 km in just 15 minutes. This might be about the time drivers need if they want to make a quick visit to the restrooms also conveniently located at the depot.

During the day, Ettenhuber can also recharge its buses at a charging station on Mitterfeldallee in Unterföhring. “They are just as reliable as our other buses,” said Josef Ettenhuber when the electric vehicles were ordered in December 2018.,


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