Aug 31, 2019 - 10:59 am

Quantum Air orders 26 e-aircraft from Bye Aerospace


Quantum Air of Los Angeles has ordered 26 small electric aircraft from Bye Aerospace. This includes 22 units of the four-seater eFlyer 4, two two-seater eFlyer 2 and two electric planes still in development.

With the eFlyers, Quantum Air intends to establish an air taxi service in Los Angeles – and, according to the announcement by the CEO, to make it significantly cheaper than current private flights. “With the arrival of electric aircraft, we are entering a new Golden Age in aviation,” said Tony Thompson. “Since the dawn of flight, point to point air travel has been a luxury available only to a privileged few. Quantum’s groundbreaking air taxi service will finally make point to point air travel widely available.”

In the announcement, Bye Aerospace also announced that founder and CEO George Bye would join a Quantum advisory board. “With George Bye on our board of advisers, Quantum will tightly integrate with Bye Aerospace, producing a superior flight experience for our customers,” Thompson said. His chief pilot, Scott Akina, is convinced: “Electric aircraft are safer, quieter, and more efficient than legacy aircraft, and they are more fun, more comfortable, and do not pollute”.

The Colorado-based manufacturer had already won two major orders from OSM Aviation for 60 electric planes, while BlackBird was tasked with providing 110 electric aircraft a few months ago. Bye Aerospace is also working with Oxis Energy to develop lithium-sulfur cells for battery packs in future electric aircraft.


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