XCharge can now offer 360 kW charging power


The Chinese supplier XCharge presents its new Satellite HPC C9LQ charging station, which now offers up to 360 kW charging power thanks to liquid cooling.

Now in its second series with the C9LQ, the new feature of the C9 system is the liquid cooling feature that allows for greater charging outputs and greater flexibility with simultaneous charging.

The company touts increased flexibility as the key to the Satellite HPC C9LQ as a PowerBOX home base can combine up to 3 high-capacity satellites that have an AC-DC module design for 400v and 800v vehicles. XCharge seems to be able to cover all options with power module cassettes adjustable with 180kW and 360kW configurations.

The new HPC system has connections for CCS and CHAdeMO and includes a 15-inch touch screen. For compatibility with the German calibration law, XCharge is planning to implement a DC current meter.

In January last year, the company announced their plans to enter the European market with 240 kW fast-charging stations. The Chinese startup was only founded in 2015 but has already made waves in the Chinese city of Shenzhen where XCharge claims an average of 11.3 EVs are charged per station and day. At the beginning of the year, XCharge had 20,000 charging stations in operation.

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