Jan 31, 2018 - 04:15 pm

China’s Xcharge to conquer Europe with 240 kW charging

China’s fast-charging startup Xcharge has announced plans to enter the European market – with a bang, if you ask the firm. The E-World in the German town of Essen will see the debut of the C6EU fast-charging device designed for the European market with a max output of 240 kW.

The will to make it big and fast in Europe is not entirely new for XCharge, nor is it unfounded. There had been talks of negotiations between BMW and gas station provider Total earlier this month (we reported).

The trade show in Essen now marks the official entry point for XCharge. The C6EU solution offers 240 kW and connects with CCS and CHAdeMO. Tesla drivers may plug in with an adapter. Furthermore, the company says its fast-chargers can be customised for various charging infrastructure operators in both the set up as well as IT architecture.

The solution is connected to the Cloud and while the highest specification is 240 kW for Europe, other options include 60 kW as well as charging with 180 kW. Adjustments are possible in steps of 15, 20 und 30 kW.

This white label solution is “also ideal for commercial fleet operators or e-car sharing services,” says Hou Yifei, the founder and COO of XCharge.

The C560EU station can charge two electric vehicles at a time. A round display visualises SOC and charging progress for both cars. Future clients may choose between two payment options: RFID cards or Xcharge’s own app. According to the maker, the charging stations is certified to be installed in any parking locations, at supermarkets or garages.

XCharge was founded in 2015 and the company has installed its fast-charging solutions in the megapolis of Shenzhen in China mainly. There XCharge claims an average of 11.3 EVs are charged per station and day. Overall, XCharge says it currently has 20,000 charging stations in operation.

The market in Europe though comes with its own challenges and powerful competitors. Not only are there local providers but also external companies such as the U.S. American ChargePoint. Last summer, they decided to expand into Europe. ChargePoint counts Daimler, BMW, and Siemens among its investors (we reported).
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