Enel X participating in Hubject joint venture


The energy group Enel X is investing a strategic 12.5 per cent in Hubject. By joining the joint venture, Enel X will be able to extend the interoperability of its European network beyond the 8,000 public charging points currently available to its customers.

In addition, Enel X will also work within the partnership to expand Hubject’s charging network and further improve its technological features. “We are proud to have a global, leading energy company as a strong partner as we strive toward a common goal, facilitating easier and more convenient EV charging globally,” says Christian Hahn, CEO of Hubject. “By joining Hubject, we are taking electric mobility to the next level. We are expanding Enel X’s role of global e-mobility service provider, by increasingly supplying charging services beyond our network,” says Francesco Venturini, Global Head of Enel X.

According to Hubject, it currently operates the largest cross-supplier charging hub for electric vehicles with more than 600 business partners worldwide and over 200,000 charging points. Enel X, on the other hand, has a charging network of around 60,000 charging points worldwide. This is expected to grow to 455,000 charging points by 2021. In Europe alone there are around 8,000 charging points. In addition, the energy group has already concluded further interoperability agreements to give its customers access to public charging infrastructure in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, the UK and Switzerland. The most recent roaming cooperation is the integration of the charging stations of Ionity and Smatrics.,


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