Oct 1, 2019 - 06:20 pm

Uber & EVgo partner to encourage switch to electric cars


Uber and EVgo will jointly promote the switch to EVs among rideshare drivers. So far, the MoU includes giving Uber drivers access to EVgo’s fast-charging network as well as educational measures and future pilot programmes.

These pilots will help both EVgo and Uber evaluate where more fast charging is needed and how to optimise charging behaviour across the ride-hailing fleet in the USA. EVgo CEO Cathy Zoi considers the announcement of the MoU a “big first step” for Uber to promote cleaner operations.

The first phase of the agreement will focus on supporting Uber drivers who currently already drive electric vehicles through education and access to the EVgo’s public fast-charging network. Uber and EVgo will also work together to evaluate where more fast charging is needed and how to optimise charging behaviour through a series of pilot programmes. This might go as far as including integrations between the Uber and EVgo apps, according to the press release.

For EVgo, this partnership builds on the company’s previous work with GM’s Maven Gig, WaiveCar, and Lyft. The network claims to run more than 1,200 DC fast chargers across 750 locations in 66 metropolitan markets in 34 states in North America. Recent cooperations also include an interoperability deal with Electrify America as well as with ChargePoint and EV Connect reportedly.

For Uber, the company has attempted to green its operations, or these of the self-employed drivers through various means, also in Europe. Alternative modes of transport such as the Jump rental e-bikes or Lime scooters have been integrated into the Uber app in select cities. There is also UberGreen, an all-electric car service, but little data is available. In places like London and other cities with gradually increasing environmental zones, Uber needs their drivers to switch to electric cars to continue being able to drive through the centres. In London, the last attempt saw the ride-hailing startup that is valued at over 70 billion dollars wanting passengers to pay a surcharge. Also in the States, Uber had launched a pilot scheme to pay drivers an extra dollar per ride if they were driving an electric car already (we reported).



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  1. Paul GOVAN

    So Uber,er, want to promote the switch to EVs so they impose surcharges on passengers who choose electric. Duh. Impose surcharges on passengers who choose gasoline and stop insulting our intelligence.
    Paul G

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