Electrify America & EVgo allow drivers mutual access


The US charging network operators Electrify America and EVgo have concluded an interoperability agreement. Customers can now access each other’s charging stations across the country without having to register for the other service or pay more fees.

The agreement covers more than 3,000 EVgo and Electrify America DC chargers at over 1,000 locations. Both companies are increasingly active in expanding public fast-charging networks and attach great importance to the roaming contract.

“As the demand for EVs continues to increase and create the need for more EV charging stations, we understand the importance of making access to public chargers as easy as possible for current and future EV drivers,” says Electrify-America CEO Giovanni Palazzo. “Connecting our two networks helps ensure EV drivers have the freedom to travel on their terms without concerns of where to charge their EV along the way,” he explains.

“EVgo is committed to cross-industry collaboration to make fast charging for EV drivers as convenient as going to an ATM,” says Cathy Zoi, CEO of EVgo. “Since 2010, EVgo has been working to provide convenient and reliable fast charging across the country, and this new partnership will help to further accelerate EV adoption by providing even more options to drivers wherever they need them most.”

Electrify America has already entered into a similar agreement with ChargePoint. Since Electrify America was founded by Volkswagen to build charging infrastructure as a consequence of the diesel scandal it forged ahead with an interoperability alliance last year. Electrify America has also entered partnerships with Hubject, Harley-Davidson, and Greenlots, among others. EVgo has been similarly expansive and inclusive in their efforts to spread available charging points for US American drivers, with cooperations also including ChargePoint, as well as EV Connect and Greenlots among others. Almost exactly a year ago, Nissan and EVgo opened an EV charging corridor down the East Coast. Both EVgo and the Volkswagen subsidiary Electrify America expect collaborations between EV charging companies to grow as more drivers turn to electric mobility across the United States.

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