Oct 19, 2019 - 01:07 pm

Kia cannot bring new Soul EV to USA before 2021


In the USA this week Kia confirmed that its fully-electric Soul EV has been delayed and will not make the 2020 model year but will first hit markets in 2021.

Kia spokesperson Niel Dunlop told Green Car Reports that the set back was being caused by difficulties in battery supply and shortages of electric motors. Dunlop said the Soul EV is slated to arrive in the US sometime in 2021 at the earliest, although that may still change.

When the Soul EV was initially presented at the LA Auto Show last November, the South Korean company announced that the latest version of the little electric hatchback would have a motor performance of 150 kW, alongside a torque of 395 Nm and a 64 kWh battery capacity, capable of CCS fast charging – seriously upgraded from the previous editions’ 81 kW motor capacity and 30 kWh battery.

When it finally arrives, the newest edition of the Kia Soul EV will come with two varieties of battery – a long-range battery edition and the standard. The First Edition will be made up of the long-range version, while the cheaper standard version will be released at a later date. The range for the larger 64 kWh battery version is set at 452 km according to WLTP, however, the US EPA has rated it at 391 km. The battery can be fast charged to 80% capacity in 42 minutes using a 100 kW DC fast charger. CCS is the standard charging option.



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