Toyota introduces their e-TNGA platform


New details have been revealed about the e-TNGA platform planned by Toyota for future battery-electric models. Toyota wants to cover different series based on the same platform – ranging from small electric cars with a range of 300 kilometres, up to larger electric SUVs with a range of 600 kilometres.

The purely electric platform will be based on the Toyota New Global Architecture, which is designed as a mixed platform – for example, the second generation of the Toyota Mirai will be based on the TNGA. However, the e-TNGA will specialise in electric drives and be particularly flexible within this area.

Project leader Koji Toyoshima told Automotive News that the new electric platform will support rear, front and four-wheel drive and will be suitable for small, medium and large vehicles. Battery sizes between 50 and 100 kWh are to be used, combined with two engine types with a power spectrum between 80 and 150 kW. Small electric cars will have a range of 300 km, larger ones between 500 and 600 km.

“What I proposed was a platform idea like a radio-controlled model car, where you have a battery, motor and chassis that can be combined to produce different types of vehicles,” said Toyoshima. “The parts of the car are all produced as modules.”

The Auto News report says that initially, the e-TNGA will use conventional lithium-ion cells. Toyota also continues to rely on solid-state cells, which the Japanese company hopes will provide lighter, more powerful and safer batteries. Next summer, Toyota will present its progress in solid-state cells at the Tokyo Olympics.


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