SSE offers off-peak charging bonus


The UK energy supplier SSE Energy Services has launched a new tariff for EV drivers, providing up to 2,000 kWh of free electricity per year for overnight charging at non-peak hours between midnight and 7 am.

Named “1 Year Fix and Drive”, the off-peak tariff can provide the equivalent of 8,000 miles worth of free energy over a year, based on calculations with a Model 3. The company says that the energy used by the customers would also be “matched with 100 per cent renewable energy”.

SSE’s statement mainly praised the economic benefits for EV drivers. As Stephen Forbes, managing director at SSE Energy Services put it: “We hope this new tariff will help the growing number of electric vehicle owners across the country reduce their carbon footprint and take control of their bills, too.”

The step towards more intelligent usage of the grid is an important one as the UK moves quickly on adopting electrification. Between funding for public charging stations across the country and the subsidies for smart charging points, there will soon be a lot of electric vehicles on Britain’s roads. Making efficient use of energy is vital to ensure a smooth transition.,


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