GreenWay expands EV services


GreenWay is expanding its portfolio. Previously they primarily provided charging services to EV drivers. Now they are offering a full suite of goods and services for businesses and other locations which would like to have a charging station on-site to support EV drivers.

The new offering includes different types of EV charging stations recommended by GW, for home, businesses, and other public locations. In general, the expanded offer now includes almost the full range of charge point operator (CPO) and electric mobility provider (EMP) services, including monitoring, network integration, operational and financial operational management as well as individually tailored customer support ranging from infrastructure construction to complete mobility solutions, according to their website.

The GreenWay network currently only consists of 205 charging stations, not much for the “market leader in providing electric vehicle charging services in Central & Eastern Europe”, but expansion is underway. As co-founder Peter Badik puts it, the company is further  ready to expand from the explorative stages of e-mobility and wants to engage the market in a more succinct way: “Back then we were pioneers, and, wonderfully, electric mobility has matured a lot since then. We are entering the world of e-mobility 2.0 and we want to continue leading that change in our region.”

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about „GreenWay expands EV services“
Peter Hofi
25.10.2019 um 12:10
I would say 200+ charging LOCATIONS with new location being added on weekly basis

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