Oct 29, 2019 - 05:13 pm

OjO expands electric scooter sharing in the USA


Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company OjO Electric launched its electric rideshare scooter service in Memphis, Tennessee and announced the expansion of its services in other states. 

In partnership with the non-profit organisation Explore Bike Share, an initial fleet of 250 of OjO’s V2 seated scooters have been deployed in Memphis and are available at Explore Bike stations and virtual docking stations throughout the city.

OjO Electric has also announced the expansion of its electric rideshare scooter service in Austin and Dallas, Texas. As part of the expansion, OjO will increase its fleet from 100 to 500 seated electric scooters for more mobility in city areas.

Matt Tolan, Head of Sales and Partnerships for the Company said: “It is a key part of our strategy to collaborate with local government officials,” explaining that allowed the company “to better understand local market needs and be able to provide sustainable mobility solutions that service the public’s transportation needs while also reducing carbon emissions and congestion.”

OjO rideshare literally covers different ground to electric kick-scooters because they allow users to take longer rides with seated comfort. The OjO scooter has a swappable 48-volt lithium-ion battery that allows it to go up to 50 miles (roughly 80 kms) on a full charge.

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