British performance e-scooter Zapp i300 on sale now


The British electric scooter startup Zapp has started production of its first e-scooter presented in 2018 and says deliveries will begin this year. The i300 model hinges on lightweight, performance and personalisation – for a price.

Zapp entered the UK stage last year when first showing what can be considered a performance e-scooter. The i300 is now in production, largely based on the prototype, with prices starting from 5,250 pounds (around 6,100 euros).

For this price, you may expect a torque of 587 Nm and 14 kW electric motor that helps the Zapp i300 accelerate from 0 to its limited top speed in kph in just short of five seconds, according to the manufacturer. This leaves the maximum range at 60 kilometres, provided by two battery packs each rated at 1.25 kWh for a combined 2.5 kWh of capacity. Both are removable to allow for remote charging which should be relatively easy as they weigh just 5 kilos each. The so-called Turbo Twins charge via any standard 110/240V domestic socket, and Zapp claims a full charge taking less than 4 hours.

Production has started at Zapp’s assembly plant in Thailand. Jeremy North, Zapp’s Director and COO gave the “starting capacity of 10,000 vehicles per year,” and also mentions the “high recyclability of the components involved but without going into detail. A bit more sustainability is provided through the e-scooters reduced body, made from aluminium. The exoskeleton provides step-through while the rear swingarm comes without any bodywork around it so that overall the little machine comes in at no more than 95 kilos.

Available online, the e-scooter can be ordered in six different colours. A more extensive range of personalisation options includes grip and seat colours, carbon fibre elements, carrier boxes and footpegs, among other things.

The first 1,000 customers will receive the i300s Launch Edition. All orders require a 500-pound deposit. Zapp expects first deliveries to be made before the year’s end.


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